Issue: Summer 2013

Caitlin Horrocks’s essay “Year of the Dogs” details her struggle as a dog lover and woman with pet allergies. The attempt to pursue a friendship with an ex-wife, a vacation in Greece, a mysterious door at the end of the hallway, and insensitive friends at the beach play in new stories by Katherine Heiny, Sondra Spatt Olsen, Alexi Zentner, and Holly Goddard Jones. Poems range from Ryan Teitman’s humorous crown of sonnets to Charles Rafferty’s poignant prose poems. Other poets featured include Stephen Dunn, Sydney Lea, Jacqueline Kolosov, Amaud Jamaul Johnson, Barbara Hamby, Weston Cutter, Bob Hicok, and many others.

In this Issue:

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  • Sharing an Artichoke (Poetry - page 349)
  • Absence; Quixotic Propositions (Poetry - page 350)
  • An Ocean Park Series Conversation (Poetry - page 355)
  • In Another Country; Letter to the Man I Once Was; The Problem of You (Poetry - page 383)
  • If Not Holy (Poetry - page 386)
  • Ode to Red and Speedy; Reading Can Kill You (Poetry - page 388)
  • You Could; Other People; Forgiveness Poem (Poetry - page 404)
  • Parasol; The Madwoman’s Daughter (Poetry - page 409)
  • Ode to Clichés; Things Nick Told Me (Poetry - page 423)
  • Heterodox; The Inverted World; Pallid (Poetry - page 425)
  • The Saddest Bid for Immortality Ever Devised; Caught; A Demonstration of How One Thing Leads to Another; An Explanation of How One Thing Leads to Another; Blackbirds (Poetry - page 429)
  • Dusk (Poetry - page 443)
  • The Dream Protects the Dreamer; The Alias Maker (Poetry - page 444)
  • The life-and-death world of carpentry; To speak somewhat figuratively for S.; Some math, some words; Ode to (fear of) desire (Poetry - page 468)