Issue: Summer - 2014

Heat up your summer by exploring sunny Southern California in the fiction of Olivia Clare, Richard Lange, and Matthew Blumenthal. The latest issue of The Southern Review also includes translations by W. D. Snodgrass and Richard V. McGehee, plus essays by Carol Ann Davis and Jane E. Martin. Former Poet Laureate Charles Simic contributes five new poems, running alongside new poetry by Kevin Prufer, Greg Wrenn, and Anna Journey. José-María Cundín’s bold biomorphic abstractions brighten the issue’s cover and its interior spread.

José-María Cundín

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The Hike Is Marriage, the Water Is Love (Poetry - page 339)
Wedding vows; In this case, “you” is you; Mirror mirror (Poetry - page 340)
Creatinine (Fiction - page 343)
Dear Daphne, (Poetry - page 354)
Medea’s Vow (Poetry - page 356)
The Three Graces (Fiction - page 358)
Stepmother (Poetry - page 367)
Country (Poetry - page 368)
A Franco-American in Montréal (Nonfiction - page 371)
To the Peeping Tom Who Disguised Himself as an Oklahoma Night; Why I’ll Never Fear Getting Red Chili Oil in My Eye: Montage of My Mother in Finishing School (Poetry - page 388)
At the Party; Carefully (Poetry - page 392)
Gather Darkness (Fiction - page 396)
Immigration; Commerce; The World You Inhabit (Poetry - page 411)
Sincerely, the Blue Jay; Anyone Who Is Still Trying (Poetry - page 414)
Miracle in Parque Chas (Fiction - page 418)
Hosanna; To an Elephant Heart Plum; Eclipse (Poetry - page 433)
Livestock (Poetry - page 437)
La Boca del Lobo (Fiction - page 438)
Love Letter to Irresponsibility (Poetry - page 446)
How to Know Two (Poetry - page 448)
Monet in England; Le Jardin des Tuileries (Poetry - page 449)
Against Ekphrasis, or How Naming v. Bridging and Being Lonely Led Me to Gorky’s Ghost’s Mask (Nonfiction - page 451)
To the Stranger Who Asked Me to Nominate Him for the Nobel Prize (Poetry - page 461)
Arrival at Riverstone (Poetry - page 462)
Uproot (Poetry - page 463)
When Dahlia Wants to Be Alone (Poetry - page 464)
Drownproofing (Fiction - page 465)
Fractals (Poetry - page 483)
Stepping out of the Cow (Fiction - page 490)
This Town Is Alright.; Three Cows; As You Come Driving Through; Late-Night Inquiry; Some Late-Summer Evening (Poetry - page 506)