Issue: Summer 2015

Brass bands, air mattresses, instructions on how to build a home from scratch. Swimming lessons, kayaking groups, and water, water everywhere. Seen through a certain lens, much of the content of The Southern Review’s summer 2015 issue swirls around New Orleans and the tragedy that happened there ten summers ago. This conversation culminates with a special essay feature, “Writing Katrina: Ten Years After,” in which three Louisiana writers—poet Alison Pelegrin, filmmaker Zack Godshall, and playwright John Biguenet—reflect on how the storm affected their work. The summer issue also features poetry from some of the nation’s luminaries, including Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Stephen Dunn. The prose includes a music essay on buying the perfect amplifier and a story by National Book Award finalist Bonnie Jo Campbell, while the bright beachscapes of George Johanson, a Portland, Oregon–based artist, bring color and community to the pages of the issue. 

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