Issue: Summer 2016

In the summer 2016 issue, travel the globe with The Southern Review. Raise a glass of wine in Yugoslavia with Josip Novakovich, track a jack pine savage with Adam Schuitema, and float down the Bogue Falaya with Alison Pelegrin. Ceridwen Dovey’s fiction explores rural South Africa, while Christine Sneed’s story tours Paris and David St. John’s long poem, “Emanations,” remembers the coast of California. Other contributions include poems by Louisiana Poet Laureate Peter Cooley, Tom Sleigh, and Rose McLarney, and fiction by Jill McCorkle and Argentinian author Eduardo Sacheri, translated by sports literature scholar Richard V. McGehee. The issue also features art by internationally acclaimed painter Kehinde Wiley.

In this Issue:

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  • Letter to Summer, from the Other Side (Poetry - page 333)
  • Martha Playing Wiffle Ball in Her Wedding Dress; Modern Romance (with Epigraphs from Roy Lichtenstein); Photographer Lying on a Restaurant Floor (Poetry - page 334)
  • Disembogue; Quantum Theory (Poetry - page 350)
  • Yahrzeit; Childe Hassam at the Oregon Coast, Summer 1904 (Poetry - page 352)
  • Emanations (Poetry - page 373)
  • A Short History of Iridescence (Poetry - page 384)
  • Elizabeth Siddal Noir; Elizabeth Siddal’s Self-Portraits (Poetry - page 385)
  • Drought, My Auto-da-Fé (Poetry - page 384)
  • Two Become One Flesh (Poetry - page 407)
  • “Woman Fries and Eats Pet Goldfish After Fight With Husband” (Poetry - page 408)
  • Just Enough; Propaganda (Poetry - page 427)
  • Poem Folded into a Boat and Offered to the Bogue Falaya (Poetry - page 447)
  • One last thing before I go; Kitty kitty (Poetry - page 448)
  • Full Capacity (Poetry - page 452)
  • Blackletter; The Keep (Poetry - page 466)