Issue: Summer 2017

Go on vacation with The Southern Review! Maria Kuznetsova’s characters read Chekhov on the beach in “The Yalta Conference,” while Edward McPherson’s nineteenth-century scientist packs his bags for an explosive West Texas adventure in “Sky-Stormers of the Llano Estacado.” Steven Kurutz’s college staycation in his Rust Belt hometown is made memorable by a compelling new neighbor, Headband, and Mairead Small Staid’s essay on the second person point of view explores the endless places “you” can go. Poet Miho Nonaka travels from her childhood to an unforgettable meal in France in her prose poems, while Alison Pelegrin stays closer to home in her poem about Louisiana’s August 2016 flooding, “Our Lady of the Flood.” The issue also includes new poems from Ed Falco, Chanda Feldman, and Brian Swann, among others. Elise Toups’s nature paintings celebrate the vivid colors of summer and portray the natural world in all its glory, capturing landscapes from Louisiana to the Pacific Northwest. 

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