Issue: Summer - 2018

Summer is upon us, and the latest issue of The Southern Review might just be the hottest one yet. Join Lydia Peelle for a boozy bachelorette party in Nashville and find out what happens when a down-and-out actor gets mistaken for a serial killer in Brent Spencer’s “Thank You, Dark.” You can also revisit the days of Nadia Comăneci’s breathtaking gymnastics in Marilyn Abildskov's coming-of-age essay “Holding” and follow the issue’s poetry from the heated Monopoly games in Fleda Brown’s “Afternoons at the Lake” to the cool escape of a head inserted into a washing machine in Owen McLeod’s “The Saddest Poem in Pennsylvania.” You’ll also find poems by Joe Wilkins, Susan Rich, and Catherine Staples alongside portraits by New Orleans–based artist Gina Phillips, whose work combines fabric, thread, ink, acrylic paint, yarn, and even hair.

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Gina Phillips

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How Ella Knows; Ella’s Plan (Poetry - page 341)
Nashville (Fiction - page 343)
If You Look for Something (Poetry - page 365)
In Retrospect (Poetry - page 368)
My Sister Paints (Nonfiction - page 370)
Hidden Flame (Poetry - page 373)
From Part Four of A Cloud in Trousers (Poetry - page 374)
Vines (Poetry - page 374)
Sayre Family Letters; Follies of 1936 (Poetry - page 395)
Black Ring; The Saddest Poem in Pennsylvania (Poetry - page 398)
Alone or Someone Else (Fiction - page 401)
After Party; Coming-of-Age Story # ∞/Angry-Bastard Theory (Poetry - page 411)
Nothing to Do with Us, or Poem against the Crumbling of the Republic; Just Anybody, or Poem against the Crumbling of the Republic (Poetry - page 415)
Perennials; Poem Beginning with a Line from It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown; Starlings (Poetry - page 427)
The Book of Explorers (Fiction - page 430)
Something I Need to Believe (Poetry - page 440)
After Reading Baudelaire; Another Way with Wang Wei (Poetry - page 442)
Holding (Nonfiction - page 445)
Genesis (Poetry - page 449)
Afternoons at the Lake; Brief (Poetry - page 450)
Adventures in Long Island: The Helpless Detectives (Poetry - page 453)
Thank You, Dark (Fiction - page 454)
To the New Journal (Poetry - page 473)
The Living Hive; Yogi (Poetry - page 474)
No Heart, No Moon (Nonfiction - page 476)
The Welsh Castles (Poetry - page 487)
Reckoning (Poetry - page 490)
The Wrong Man (Fiction - page 492)
Dear Henry, (Poetry - page 506)
Born of Driftwood (Poetry - page 507)
Loud Outs (Poetry - page 366)