Issue: Summer - 2020

Welcome to the 250th issue of The Southern Review! We’re celebrating the occasion with voices from home and around the world. Delve into our eighty-five-year history with a suite of puzzles from former editor Michael Griffith, who challenges readers with clues inspired by the journal’s past. If you feel like slowing down a bit, you can relax and overhear a conversation between frogs, as imagined by decorated Japanese writer Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, or take a trip to India’s Garwhal foothills in Kirtan Nautiyal’s essay, “The Land of the Gods.” The late Irish poet Eavan Boland returns to our pages with a set of poems about aging, writing, and identity, while John Warner Smith appears for the first time with a poem about the history and presence of racism in Louisiana. You can also find new work by Miho Nonaka, Sergio Mansilla Torres, and Caille Millner, alongside paintings by South Korean portraitist Han Young Wook, who uses a combination of scratched aluminum and oil paint to render a lifelike vision of his subjects. Tips for Solving the Puzzles in this Issue

Han Young Wook

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My Brother & I Delay Our Sleep (Poetry - page 341)
Marigold (Poetry - page 342)
Longfellow’s Envelope (Poetry - page 355)
Lifted (Poetry - page 356)
Theology on Ikaria (Poetry - page 358)
Three Landscapes (Poetry - page 375)
Flat Water; Original Sleep (Poetry - page 378)
Artifacts (Poetry - page 382)
Like a Secret (Poetry - page 398)
Homemade Ice Cream (Poetry - page 400)
If/When; Please Let It Be Aliens (Poetry - page 401)
Lemonade (Poetry - page 443)
Ode to the Last Peach of Summer; Ode on Being Backward and Inside Out and in a Wreck with Myself (Poetry - page 444)
I Feel Like a Million $ (Poetry - page 450)
Norfolk, Virginia (Poetry - page 452)
At Yeats’s Tower; In Which a Man Plays Debussy for a Blind Eighty-Four-Year-Old Female Elephant; Elsewhere (Poetry - page 465)
[Summer day, toward the end of February]; [You say you are my oldest son?] (Poetry - page 482)
The Way to a Man’s Heart (Poetry - page 486)
III. Notes from the Exhibit Streams and Mountains without End; VII. Propaganda Museum, Shanghai; XIV. Marco Polo in the Temple of Heaven (Poetry - page 488)
Margin; Scribe; How We Were Transfigured; The Just Use of Figures (Poetry - page 494)
What Isn’t Remembered (Fiction - page 345)
Frogs (Fiction - page 380)
Cops and Robbers (Fiction - page 384)
Paradise (Fiction - page 405)
Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (Fiction - page 427)
Force, Mass, Acceleration (Fiction - page 453)
Annulment (Fiction - page 472)
The Land of the Gods (Nonfiction - page 359)
Grave Sweeping (Nonfiction - page 491)
Acrostic; Crossword (Puzzles - page 446)