Issue: Summer - 2021

Just in time for the August heat, The Southern Review’s summer issue is out now! Journey to Cuba with Adam Stumacher as he describes the return of a Cuban-Jewish exile, who, with his pregnant girlfriend in tow, must reckon with his impulse to flee both fatherhood and his past. See the world through the eyes of two Mapuche girls as they describe their experiences in 1990s Chile in a new story by Daniela Catrileo, or live the life of an Ottoman gambler in a cradle-to-grave tale from Bulgarian novelist Iana Boukova. Kwame Dawes contributes two poems about community and loss, while returning contributor Yuxi Lin provides two poems of her own about girlhood and survival. Along with more poetry by Anya Silver, John Kinsella, J. Bruce Fuller, and Morgan Hamill, this issue features the paintings of Greta Van Campen, whose paintings of her local Maine coast strive to find a balance between representation and abstraction, playing with color and composition while maintaining a keen observation of the natural world. 

Greta Van Campen

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Eclogue of First Pickings; Calling the Nightfish (Poetry - page 484)
Sound to Her Is a Flight (Poetry - page 501)
Forsythias (Poetry - page 502)
Balsamic (Poetry - page 341)
On Woodworking, One More Time (Poetry - page 342)
Umbrella Tent; When Light Leaves Her Eyes (Poetry - page 366)
Will Not the Judge of the Earth Do Justice?; When He Was Not (Poetry - page 368)
They Said; Benediction of the Father; Over Countless Bridges I Say Amen (Poetry - page 382)
Pastoral with Rosé; I Am Not Arnold Schwarzenegger; Fairy Tale (Poetry - page 387)
Thumbelina’s Mother Speaks at an Open Window (Poetry - page 396)
Saltation; Come or Go (Poetry - page 398)
Doing the Bills; An Offense (Poetry - page 414)
North and West (Poetry - page 416)
National Radio Quiet Zone; How to Tie a Chemo Scarf; Disappearances (Poetry - page 427)
Monkey (Poetry - page 431)
On a Plate; My Dear Father (Poetry - page 432)
Documenting Assimilation to the State of Marriage (Points I. through XII.) (Poetry - page 460)
Independence Day; Other, Entirely (Poetry - page 463)
Only; Fish Ghazal (Poetry - page 471)
Photograph of Ann Hodges, 1954 (Poetry - page 474)
Under the Definition of Quarantine, an Example: “Many Animals Die in Quarantine” (Poetry - page 483)
Warriache (Fiction - page 344)
Past Lives (Fiction - page 372)
Shoelace, Camisole, Rope (Fiction - page 403)
Ismail Çelik, or The Crossing of the Paths (Fiction - page 436)
Bath Towel Visuals (Fiction - page 465)
Exiles (Fiction - page 487)
Mirage (Nonfiction - page 390)
Perfect Organism (Nonfiction - page 475)
Crossword: Fortuna’s Fool; Acrostic (Puzzles - page 456)