Issue: Summer - 2022

It’s time to choose a summer adventure with the newest issue of The Southern Review. You can join a young girl’s rebellion as she steals her parents’ boat and becomes a pirate on a small local lake in Benjamin Schaefer’s surreal story, “Pirates,” or venture across the French countryside in search of family with Monique Debruxelles’s “Heart of Ashes.” You might recall a harrowing encounter with hurricane season and cardboard in Marshall Moore’s essay, “Storms and Boxes,” or take a walk along the beach with Erika Meitner’s poem, “A Strikingly Unsettled Portent.” Teresa Pham-Carsillo considers race and the process of adjusting to a host country in “Thank U, Ghosts,” while Leila Gueirrero explores inspiration in the mundane with a selection of microessays from her book, Theory of Gravity. Along with new poems by Charles Rafferty, Maitreyabandhu and Mary Angelino, the issue features the paintings of Martha Hughes, whose interpretations of prosaic interiors evoke the momentary uneasiness we sometimes feel in familiar spaces. 

Martha Hughes

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The Moon Had Mom’s Wrinkled Face (Poetry - page 337)
The Problem with Maps; Optimism; The Strength of American Wishes; Conversation Piece; The Problem with Mutability (Poetry - page 338)
A Grave (Fiction - page 343)
Waiting Room (Poetry - page 345)
Cornered; Wings (Poetry - page 346)
The Whales (Fiction - page 349)
First Wake (Poetry - page 363)
Antique Map of Dorchester Neck (Poetry - page 364)
Crossword: The Leopard’s Conundrum; Acrostic (Puzzles - page 366)
Storms and Boxes (Nonfiction - page 370)
Possum 3:16; Snake 3:16 (Poetry - page 383)
Astronauts (Poetry - page 385)
Book Girls (Poetry - page 386)
Reunion (Fiction - page 387)
A Gesture; Ninety-­Eight Degrees in the Shade; September; Summer Rain (Poetry - page 398)
The Blue Buildings in the Summer Air (Poetry - page 415)
Live and Learn (Fiction - page 417)
Noli Me Tangere; A Strikingly Unsettled Portent (Poetry - page 428)
Thank­U, Ghosts (Poetry - page 434)
Estrangement, a How-To (Poetry - page 435)
Unattended (Nonfiction - page 436)
Common-Potoo, v. (Poetry - page 444)
Essay: On Jay DeFeo’s The Rose (Poetry - page 446)
The Introvert’s Return (Poetry - page 448)
Heart of Ashes (Fiction - page 449)
For Your Father, Dead as Ever He Might Be (Poetry - page 461)
Writers’ Retreat (Poetry - page 462)
Ash (Poetry - page 464)
from “The Commonplace Book” (Poetry - page 466)
Careful; I Suppose; Losing (Nonfiction - page 468)
Pastoral, 1989; Pastoral, 1992; The Shape of Things Gone Missing, the Shape of Things to Come (Poetry - page 471)
Pirates (Fiction - page 474)
from “Fragments” (Poetry - page 493)
Erstwhile Island Gardener (Poetry - page 494)
Suspension (Poetry - page 496)