Issue: Summer - 2023

Just in time to weather the blazing heat, it’s the newest issue of The Southern Review! Join Brian Trapp for a trip to the aptly named “Camp Happy,” or idle away in a ferret-filled bedroom with your high school buddy in Peter Orner’s “Ross Bernstein.” Yang Shuang-zi considers the lives of Taiwanese schoolgirls during the Japanese occupation in “Sendan Blossom Season,” while Hungarian writer Péter Moesko considers an unlikely friendship between a tenant and a landlord’s son in “Sam’s House.” Jay Deshpande’s “Proportion” is a poem that shows how art and craft can be like prayer for the artist, as the speaker admires the aged yet enduring paved roads in an old Italian town on a hot summer afternoon, while John A. Nieves also ponders the season in “Mainspring Barrel,” about a writer’s awareness of needing to write things down, as inspired by a summer lightning storm. Along with new poems by Krystyna Dąbrowska, Kim Addonizio, and Piotr Florcyz, this issue includes the paintings of Adrienne Brown-David, who aims for her work to reinforce joy of Black childhood, the humanization of Black youth, and how that relates to growing up not only in the South, but in America as a whole.

Adrienne Brown-David

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Proportion (Poetry - page 337)
Butterflies; Cycling (Poetry - page 338)
At the Cozy Corner Café (Poetry - page 366)
History of Love; Of Course It Hurts, (Poetry - page 367)
Tesla; First Fire Season in the High Desert (Poetry - page 382)
How It Begins (Poetry - page 384)
Granada, Spain (Poetry - page 404)
A Word for It (Poetry - page 406)
Heir; Sonnet for Her (Poetry - page 416)
In the Afterlife, (Poetry - page 419)
The Time Neither of Us Hangs Up, Even Though We Intend to, and You Go for a Walk with the Phone in Your Pocket (Poetry - page 420)
Mainspring Barrel (Poetry - page 431)
Reparation (Poetry - page 437)
Starry View (Poetry - page 438)
View from a Canal Street Hotel (Poetry - page 444)
Loose Sonnet on Kachemak Bay; Loose Sonnet on Whidbey Island (Poetry - page 446)
Wistful (Poetry - page 448)
Father’s Day (Poetry - page 464)
Rags and Bones (Poetry - page 466)
Eggs & Sweet Corn $1 Dozen; Some Roads in Montana (Poetry - page 486)
Three Days in Cassis (Poetry - page 488)
Sister Lucy; “A Dirt Nap,” (Poetry - page 489)
Letter from Poland (Poetry - page 494)
Perseverance (Poetry - page 496)
All Systems Go (Fiction - page 354)
Saddos (Fiction - page 369)
Sendan Blossom Season (Fiction - page 386)
Times Change Faster Than the People in Them. (Fiction - page 407)
Sam’s House (Fiction - page 450)
Ross Bernstein (Fiction - page 492)
Shakuhachi (Nonfiction - page 432)
Chen Du
Camp Happy (Nonfiction - page 467)
Crossword: Beware the Drop-Off; Acrostic (Puzzles - page 440)