Issue: Winter - 1975

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An Interview with David Madden (page - 167)
Blood-Swollen Landscape (Fiction - page 212)
Democracy and Poetry (Nonfiction - page 1)
Dogma for a Ladie's Poetry Club (Poetry - page 203)
Finalities Are Missing; Telling Age; Always along Water; Lines from a Delinquent Godparent (Poetry - page 189)
Imagining Existence: Form and History in Steinbeck and Agee (Nonfiction - page 84)
Mr. McMillan (Fiction - page 205)
On the Restlessness of Southerners (Nonfiction - page 65)
Portrait of the Artist in America: 'Hawthorne and His Mosses' (Nonfiction - page 156)
Rilke; Dead Quail; News (Poetry - page 197)
The Delta Factor (Nonfiction - page 29)
The Five Awakenings of Edna Pontellier (Nonfiction - page 118)
The Flight from Alienation: Montgomery's Fugitive and the Southern Revival (Review - page 233)
The General Goes to Memphis (Nonfiction - page 181)
The Husband's Guilt; Lines of Blood (Poetry - page 194)
The Metaphor of Family in Absalom, Absalom! (Nonfiction - page 99)
The Unpublished Poems of George Santayana: Some Critical and Textual Considerations (Nonfiction - page 139)
This Poem of Recurring Endings; Epiphany; Wolf's Head Holiday (Poetry - page 200)
Two Gentleman in Bonds (Review - page 226)
Yeats, Synge, Realism, and 'The Tragic Theatre' (Nonfiction - page 129)
End of Special Section
Special Section: On Self and Society