Issue: Winter 1976

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  • And Jesse Begat: A Note on Literary Generations (Nonfiction - page 1)
  • Look-a, Look-a Yonder--I See Sunday, I See Sunday! Or, A Deliverer, Delivered (Nonfiction - page 156)
  • Cavafy's Metaphoric City (Nonfiction - page 83)
  • Farce and Freedom (Nonfiction - page 54)
  • From The Handbook of Heartbreak (Poetry - page 140)
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Study in Conterpoise (Nonfiction - page 64)
  • Having Gained Some Spiritual Ruthlessness––But Still Confused by What Has Happened––A Local Man Considers a Friend Who Died Alone; He Listens to His Brother Begin to Enjoy a Beautiful Social Woman at a Party; Some Better than Average Advice about (page 147)
  • Narcissus in the World of Machines (Nonfiction - page 122)
  • Of Brook and Stone; Family Reunion (Poetry - page 133)
  • On First Discovering Four Dead Rodents in the Back Yard (Fiction - page 210)