Issue: Winter - 1977

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Design and Debris: John Hawke's Travesty (Review - page 221)
More Fierce and Wilde: Helen Vendler on George Herbert (Review - page 213)
A Chromatic Poetry (Review - page 207)
At Los Olivos and Alameda Padre Serra (Poetry - page 172)
Contexts for Being; Divinity, and Self in Valery and Edgar Bowers (Nonfiction - page 48)
Daedal Harmonies: A Dialogue on Eliot and the Classics (Nonfiction - page 1)
Dream of a Dream (Poetry - page 147)
Flaubert's Image of Woman (Nonfiction - page 114)
From The Women of Perseus; The Four Horseman; Returning Once More; Lake Glimmerglass; I Thought Back and; After September (Poetry - page 155)
Heart Crane and Some Critical Procedures (Review - page 217)
Impressionism and Symbolism in Heart of Darkness (Nonfiction - page 96)
Logos and Epiphany: Walker Percy's Theology of Language (Review - page 196)
Musical Offering (Poetry - page 149)
The Bog Sacrifice (Poetry - page 168)
The Etiology of Faulkner's Art (Nonfiction - page 83)
The Music of the Space (Poetry - page 170)
The Poetry of Philip Larkin (Nonfiction - page 131)
The Relic (Fiction - page 178)