Issue: Winter - 1981

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Heaven Lies About (Fiction - page 190)
An Art of Recovery: Some Literary Sources for Geoffrey Hill's Tenebrae (Nonfiction - page 121)
Beyond the Mrely Modern: New Poetry from Britain (Review - page 214)
Curving to Foreign Harbors: Turner Cassity's Defense of the Sugar Islands (Review - page 205)
Doris Lessing's The Four-Gated City: Consciousness and Community––A Different History (Nonfiction - page 97)
Fiction About Fiction (Review - page 225)
Growing Things at Bad Luck Pond (Fiction - page 199)
Katherine Anne Porter (Nonfiction - page 1)
Northbook (Poetry - page 178)
R. P. Blackmur and Henry Adams (Nonfiction - page 69)
The Persistence of Meter (Nonfiction - page 3)
The Poem as Palimpsest: A Dialogue on Eliot's 'Sweeney Erect' (Nonfiction - page 17)
The Way Up and the Way Down: A Consideration of Robert Frost in the Context of Baudelaire and Emerson (Nonfiction - page 142)
Walker Percy: The Novelist as Poet (Nonfiction - page 164)
Witnesses (Poetry - page 175)