Issue: Winter - 1983

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Master Mumbler: Ford Madox Ford (Review - page 233)
Vestiges of Perfection: T. Sturge Moore's Dimonassa (Nonfiction - page 39)
When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Bloom'd and the American Civil Religion (Nonfiction - page 1)
Contemplation, Fiction, and the Writer's Sensibility (Review - page 203)
Formality and Restraint (Review - page 169)
Harnessing the Wind: Wyatt Prunty's The Times Between, William Bedford Clark (Review - page 242)
Idleness: Late Summer Landscape; 15 April 1979 (Poetry - page 149)
Looking for Peace (Review - page 173)
Nightfall; Waking in the Country (Poetry - page 156)
Play Me 'Stormy Weather' (Poetry - page 158)
Romantic Mythmaking (Review - page 247)
Song for a Time of Year; Without Warning; Long Days; Fossils; What Makes Yout Think It's Fear (Poetry - page 145)
Sue Owen's Nursery Rhymes for the Dead (Review - page 229)
Sun Up; Mountain Waters; A Child's Poem for Lucretius; Charon; The Gayhead Cliffs; Epigrams (Poetry - page 151)
T. Sturge Moore: A Modern Master Rediscovered (Review - page 219)
The Dispensations of Art: Mallarme and the Fallen Reader (Nonfiction - page 17)
The Dissociation of Sensibility: Mannered Muses, Ancient and Modern (Nonfiction - page 57)
The Movement Against Itself: British Poetry of the 1950s (Nonfiction - page 88)
The Parting; Anaktoria (Poetry - page 143)
The Past Unrecaptured: the Two Lives of Lya de Putti (Nonfiction - page 111)
The Pine (Poetry - page 154)
The Poetry of Lousise Bogan (Nonfiction - page 73)
The Poetry of Raymond Oliver; Three from the Symposium (Review - page 178)
W. H. Auden and Benjamin Britten (Review - page 184)