Issue: Winter - 1999

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April's Fool; Spirit Traps; The Business of Angels; The Procuress (After Honthorst) (Poetry - page 54)
Beasts; Water Under the Bridge; Composition; Diamonds (Poetry - page 68)
Beauty (Nonfiction - page 150)
Briar Rose (Poetry - page 4)
Corner Grocery in Presov, Czechoslovakia (Poetry - page 5)
Happy Birthday, Gabriella (Fiction - page 114)
Less Than Divine: Toni Morrison's Paradise (Review - page 145)
On Finding One's Neighbor Dead in His Garden; Apostasy, Failed (Poetry - page 73)
Ricordo; Swimmers (Poetry - page 49)
Shakespeare; The Waitress (Poetry - page 9)
So Long, Roy; X-Ray of Your Brain at 4 A.M. (Poetry - page 36)
Sonny's Face, Sonny's Hands (Poetry - page 57)
The Atomic Age (Fiction - page 75)
The Battle of the Bunker (Nonfiction - page 175)
The Buchinger Limbs; The Man Who Grows! (Poetry - page 34)
The Day After an Exhibit of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Paintings; Postcard from Ireland; Blind (Poetry - page 13)
The Double; The Muse of the Actual (Poetry - page 46)
The Follies Burlesque, Market Street, Kansas City; The Big Bands: Liberal, Kansas, Summer of 1955; Mrs. Hill (Poetry - page 27)
The Founding of Covenant; Covenant: A Landscape (Poetry - page 64)
The Gliding Eye: Nabokov's Marvelous Terror (Review - page 162)
The Once-Over; The School of Metaphysics; The Cackle (Poetry - page 71)
The Same Cold; Odysseus's Secret; Dog Weather; Encroachments; One Moment and the Next in the Pine Barrens; Capriccio Italien (Poetry - page 19)
The Smallest Man in the World (Fiction - page 92)
Trees Beside Water (Poetry - page 1)
Two Lessons from the Sky; A Brief History of Fathers (Poetry - page 7)
Uncle Joe's Old-Time Communist Nostalgia Bar (Fiction - page 101)
Useless Virtues (Poetry - page 40)
Variation on a Sundial; A Coronary in Liposuction (Poetry - page 42)
When Children Count (Fiction - page 128)