Issue: Winter - 2003

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Siblings of the Genus Erroneous: New Fiction in r (Review - page 209)
An Orange Tree in Redlands; Giordano Bruno in Flames (Poetry - page 112)
Bearing Sorrow (Review - page 219)
Belly Talk (Fiction - page 155)
Dream Street: W. Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh Photographs (Poetry - page 35)
E.T.; Stories; Not Buying It (Poetry - page 74)
Enos Mills on the Divide; Weavings (Poetry - page 6)
For the Fog Horn When There Is No Fog (Poetry - page 46)
Habergeons, Victuals, and Wizards That Peep: Travels with the King James Bible (Nonfiction - page 181)
Heron (Poetry - page 23)
If only my mother had eaten Leaves of Grass (Poetry - page 29)
In the Garden; November; December (Poetry - page 81)
Invention of the Monsters; Marie Laveau, Queen of Voodoo (Poetry - page 84)
Last Day with Mayflower; The Black-Shawled Widows of Castilla y Leon (Poetry - page 115)
Luxor (Fiction - page 141)
Mirror (Poetry - page 91)
Morning Cigar; Blue Ridge Sketchbook (Poetry - page 52)
Nabokov, Mist (Poetry - page 97)
Natural History Exhibits; Aftermath: An Epistle; Rent: An Epistle; The Change (Poetry - page 24)
Next Day (Fiction - page 120)
Ode to My 1977 Toyota; Ode to Hardware Stores (Poetry - page 42)
Pain is Human: Wallace Stevens at Ground Zero (Nonfiction - page 168)
Poem for a Friend Who Has Lost His Sanity; How a Poem Can Fail (the abridged version); Poetry Addresses Her Sister, the Novel; The Novel Responds to Her Sister, Poetry (Poetry - page 1)
Reflectors: Drive 1, Drive 4 (Poetry - page 57)
The Great Wave at Kanagawa; Toko's Cat; Sweetfish in a Spring Current (Poetry - page 37)
The Last Judgment in an Initial C; Desire Lines (Poetry - page 108)
The Lord's Salt; Sea Wrack: West Indies; Welcome to Leapers Hill (Poetry - page 92)
The Owl of Minerva (Poetry - page 70)
The Resurrection of the Body (Poetry - page 20)
Thistle; God's Penis (Poetry - page 48)
Three Improper Renaissance Songs (Poetry - page 100)
Trout Lilies; Catbird; Where Does the Temple Begin, Where Does It End? (Poetry - page 87)
Walking Home (Nonfiction - page 198)
Washing the Horses; The Medium of Communication; An Entomological Soiree; Laura's Hands (Poetry - page 10)