Issue: Winter 2012

Ring in the New Year in style with The Southern Review’s jewel-studded winter 2012 issue. Featured poets include Charles Simic, Mary Ruefle, Stephen Dunn, Bob Hicok, Wendy Barker, Elana Bell, Daniel Johnson, and Anna Journey. A snow-dusted Copenhagen at Christmas is the site of Thomas E. Kennedy’s surprising and movingly human account of what it means to face death and emerge grateful to the world. Jason Brown brings us “Wintering Over,” a chilling story about an artist couple isolated in a neglected Maine house over a winter that may be prove too long for them to endure. New fiction by Stuart Dybek, Christie Hodgen, Christine Sneed, Ted Sanders, and Reese Okyong Kwon joins nonfiction by Rachel Ida Buff and paintings by Gwyneth Scally.

In this Issue:

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  • Observation rewards the effort to attend; Here and there and then and now; Words, what is the word, matter; A very small bible (Poetry - page 144)
  • Ordinary Nudes; The Question (Fiction - page 39)
  • Paintings (Art - page 80)
  • Relations (Fiction - page 61)
  • The Airy World (Poetry - page 1)
  • The Drip (Fiction - page 101)
  • The Golden Age of Herbalists (Poetry - page 127)
  • Truth, Beauty, and the Intro Poetry Workshop; Books, Bath Towels, and Beyond (Poetry - page 56)
  • Wedding Night: We Share an Heirloom Tomato on Our Hotel Balcony Overlooking the Ocean in Which Natalie Wood Drowned; Vulgar Remedies: Tooth and Salt; Vulgar Remedies (2): If You Hold a Dying Creature during Childhood; Black Porcelain French Telephone (Poetry - page 2)
  • Wings of Love; Elegy for a Game; Picking Up Pinecones (Poetry - page 53)
  • Winter's Intern; Rebbelith (Poetry - page 77)
  • Wintering Over (Fiction - page 8)
  • You Just Don't Feel So Good (Nonfiction - page 41)