Issue: Winter - 2013

A Connecticut origami convention, an accidental fall into a Delacroix painting at the Met, and an elephant sanctuary in Thailand feature in new stories by Katherine Heiny, Peter LaSalle, and Ian Bassingthwaighte. Essays include Aisha Sabatini Sloan’s examination of race, her family’s Italian ancestry, Fellini, and Pinocchio, and a personal essay by Steven Harvey about his mother’s life as a nursing student and young wife and mother in Dodge City in the 1940s and 1950s. New poems by Philip Schultz, Deborah Flanagan, Greg Wrenn, Maggie Smith, Kevin Prufer, and many others. 

Alison Rossiter

In this Issue:

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Plum Perfect; The Map of the Forest; Altered States (Poetry - page 1)
In/Exhaustible; The Language of Happiness; Correspondence (Poetry - page 4)
We’re Here (Fiction - page 10)
To My Muse; Aphorisms for a Lonely Planet (Poetry - page 27)
Junk; A Moment (Poetry - page 30)
Lefty (Poetry - page 34)
Grace (Fiction - page 36)
Penillion of James Ward’s Eye and Muzzle of a Cow (Drawing); Penillion of Riding Past the Radio Astronomy Observatory Amid Hedges and Fields (Poetry - page 56)
Fresco; Burial; Three Attempts to Understand Suffering; South of Jacksonville (Poetry - page 60)
The Manhattan Lunch: Two Versions (Fiction - page 65)
Marked; The Hawk; The Hunters; Nest; Storybook; Splinter; Mountain Child (Poetry - page 78)
Not one single further sorrow; [Let’s say you forgot me] (Poetry - page 95)
Stillbirth (Poetry - page 97)
Under the Sun; Smooth Dark Stone (Poetry - page 98)
The Vanishing Point (Nonfiction - page 100)
Imago Mundi (Poetry - page 116)
The Art of Living; New Year (Poetry - page 118)
The Angry Man (Poetry - page 120)
The Strong Man and the Clown (Nonfiction - page 122)
Sawdust Mountain (Poetry - page 135)
Vixit, Chaoniae (Poetry - page 138)
The Great Leader (Fiction - page 140)
Fidelis; Confession (Poetry - page 150)
A Story of Small Subversions (Poetry - page 152)
The Elephant Walk (Fiction - page 154)
Alligators; Cleveland, Ohio (Poetry - page 164)
Releasing a Tree; Exposures; In Praise of Lichens (Poetry - page 169)