Issue: Winter - 2014

This winter, read about love in personal essays by Gary Gildner, Josh McCall, and Angie Kim. The latest issue of The Southern Review also features fiction by six writers, including a new horse-racing story by Andrew Plattner and Lydia Conklin’s coming-of-age story set on a miniature, makeshift Oregon Trail. A multipart poem by Julia B. Levine describes the grieving process and Joshua Rivkin’s prose poems revisit the Old West. The issue also features new poems by Wendy Barker, Ciaran Berry, Karina Borowicz, David Nielsen, and Doug Ramspect, among others. Lifelike, fluorescent-lit sculptures by contemporary Spanish artist Bernardí Roig grace the issue’s cover and interior spread.

Bernardí Roig

In this Issue:

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The Joins (Poetry - page 1)
Heat Lightning; Crepuscular (Poetry - page 2)
Fortune (Fiction - page 6)
Saturday Afternoon at The Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio (Poetry - page 21)
Icons: Rose Marie on The Dick Van Dyke Show; Reading Anna Karenina (Poetry - page 22)
Scotch Tape (Nonfiction - page 23)
Small Disasters Seen in Sunlight (Poetry - page 36)
Pioneer (Fiction - page 42)
For Shergar, Neither Ode nor Elegy (Poetry - page 53)
Ohio; Poem for 8:00 AM (Poetry - page 56)
The Orange Line (Fiction - page 59)
Dark Water Rising (Poetry - page 73)
Silk Roads; Interior (Poetry - page 74)
Beneath the Eyes of Venus and Jupiter (Fiction - page 77)
Whetstone (Poetry - page 84)
The Way a Man; Western Land; Nothing Has a Shadow (Poetry - page 95)
Ogasawara (Nonfiction - page 99)
The Colony at Malibu (Poetry - page 113)
The Flayed Ox (Poetry - page 114)
Murder in a Clear, Cool Voice (Nonfiction - page 116)
Kepler’s Song (Poetry - page 123)
Life on a Smaller Planet (Poetry - page 124)
Complicated and Annoying Little Robot (Fiction - page 125)
Notes on Beauty: The Skull (Poetry - page 131)
A Love of Food (Nonfiction - page 134)
Deck of Hearts; Highway (Poetry - page 147)
Collecting Light; Your Eyes (Poetry - page 149)
A Real Imaginary Sister (Fiction - page 151)
Wracked Blue Suitcase (Poetry - page 166)
Sunday Paper (Poetry - page 168)
How I Married Michele (Nonfiction - page 169)