Issue: Winter - 2016

In with the new! The winter 2016 issue of The Southern Review features new work by longtime contributors R. T. Smith, Kelly Cherry, and Philip Schultz, as well as journal debuts from writers Lindsay Stuart Hill, Anna Ross, and Corey Miller. The issue’s landscapes extend from the sun-soaked golf courses of Myrtle Beach to the wintery mountains of upstate New York, from an imagined flood in Los Angeles to a frozen river in Boston. A small town in Korea is the backdrop for one story, while translations of a suite of Polish poems written by women illuminate that country’s landscape and literary traditions. And the inviting artworks of Deedra Ludwig—one part vegetal, one part abstraction—glow with warmth through the coldest days of winter. 

Deedra Ludwig

In this Issue:

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Zoo; Lights (Poetry - page 1)
Friendship (Poetry - page 3)
Blues Nocturne (Poetry - page 4)
Rain (Poetry - page 23)
Looking for the One True Self (Poetry - page 24)
The Ants (Poetry - page 26)
Concerning the Possibilities That Might Have Been (Poetry - page 38)
How Different a Life Can Be (Poetry - page 40)
Death Card Sonnet (Cassadaga, Florida, Black Friday) (Poetry - page 45)
Za’hada (Poetry - page 46)
Inventory; Recipe for the Meat Course; Kneeling before the Statue of a Saint; All the Radio Stations of the Soviet Union; To My Great-Great-Granddaughter (Poetry - page 47)
Why I Don’t Like Dinner Parties (Poetry - page 75)
Winter Snow (Poetry - page 76)
This Is How I Catastrophize (Poetry - page 97)
My Mother’s Novel (Poetry - page 98)
Storage (Poetry - page 115)
Self-Portrait with Washing Machine (Poetry - page 116)
The Going (Poetry - page 121)
Self-Portrait as Norway Spruce (Poetry - page 124)
Boys Sitting outside Texaco (Poetry - page 139)
The Finches (Poetry - page 140)
Spontaneous Remission; A Life Beyond; Birth Narrative (Poetry - page 158)
Trailing (Fiction - page 6)
Giant (Fiction - page 42)
Just between Us (Fiction - page 60)
Solee (Fiction - page 87)
The Other Guy (Fiction - page 118)
Counselor of My Heart (Fiction - page 125)
Life and Death of the Father of Modern Miniature Golf (Nonfiction - page 27)
The Missing Kidney (Nonfiction - page 103)
The Art of Losing: A Letter to My New Colleagues at Deerfield Academy (Nonfiction - page 142)