Issue: Winter - 2017

This winter, go from the Atchafalaya Basin to northern Afghanistan, from Matisse’s studio to Klamath County, Oregon, all within the pages of The Southern Review. The new issue includes stories by National Book Award finalist Joan Silber and Pulitzer Prize finalist James Lee Burke, as well as stories by Qais Akbar Omar, whose previous memoir about growing up in Afghanistan was translated into twenty languages. Essays meditate on lunar ice caps, the reasons we run, and the pieces of clothing that bind generations together. Former U.S. Poet Laureate Charles Simic contributes to the issue, as do other longtime contributors David St. John, Wendy Barker, and Susan Ludvigson, who are joined in the pages by a number of poets making their The Southern Review debuts, including Joelle Bielle, Aza Pace, and Jessica Goodfellow. The issue also offers a glimpse inside the late abstract expressionist painter Cy Twombly’s studio, as viewed through the lens of photographer Sally Mann. Pick up your copy today, and start exploring!

Sally Mann

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Most Days; Test; What My Grandfather Heard (Poetry - page 1)
Secrets of Happiness (Fiction - page 5)
Pilot Light (Poetry - page 23)
Médée furieuse, 1838 (Poetry - page 24)
Sally Dreams of Leaving; Snowbank (Poetry - page 25)
Ice (Nonfiction - page 28)
On Scissors and Matisse (Poetry - page 32)
Prodigal: Greta Sorensen; Paradise Lost (Poetry - page 34)
These Dark Skies: Seeking Refuge on Europe’s Shores (Nonfiction - page 37)
How It Can Happen; From the Cabin’s Porch, Overlooking the Edisto River (Poetry - page 48)
Sabbath (Poetry - page 50)
Twelve Pieces of a Concubine (Poetry - page 51)
The Wild Side of Life (Fiction - page 52)
An Essay on Criticism (Poetry - page 73)
Virga (Poetry - page 74)
Equivalents (Poetry - page 76)
An Amount of Discretion (Fiction - page 87)
Two of a Kind (Poetry - page 106)
Bell (Poetry - page 107)
Girandole (Poetry - page 108)
The Language of Clothes (Nonfiction - page 110)
Winter Sonnet; AirTrain Newark, Mid-December, 4:15 (Poetry - page 118)
Memory of Water/Constellation (Poetry - page 120)
Touch It Every Day (Poetry - page 121)
Rhythm Is Originally the Rhythm of the Feet (Nonfiction - page 122)
Other Evidence; The Grocer’s Tackle Box (Poetry - page 132)
Elegy for Aunt Gus, In Advance (Poetry - page 134)
Escape (Poetry - page 135)
The Small Statue of Lenin’s Head (Fiction - page 136)
My Mother in Pixels; Thirteen Ways of Living next to Betty (Poetry - page 150)
Thirteen Ways of Thinking about Time; or, Time, the Two-Handed Thief (Fiction - page 154)
Before Group Meditation in the Psychiatric Ward; The Angel (Poetry - page 162)
In His Previous Life as a Camas Lily; Klamath Q&A (Poetry - page 164)
Charmed Circle; The Lifeboat; Past a Gull Sitting on a Buoy (Poetry - page 169)