Issue: Winter - 2018

Spend a snow day with The Southern Review! The winter issue has plenty of great literature to curl up with on a chilly afternoon, including no shortage of snowscapes. You can read Jill Osier’s poetic view of Alaska or spend a blustery Christmas Eve with a wayward young professor in Barrett Swanson’s “The Live Ones.” James Arthur’s poem “Hundred Acre Wood” describes a father walking through the snow with his infant son, while Lailee Mendelson’s story “So, the Cold War Is Over” follows one young woman as she studies abroad in frigid St. Petersburg, just after the fall of the USSR. Add to that the wintry landscapes of Sibylle Peretti—cast glass installations that celebrate the flora and fauna of the winter world—and exciting fiction, essays, and poems by dozens of other contributors, and you’ve got great reading to carry you through to the first buds of spring.

Sibylle Peretti

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Blood; February; Refuge (Poetry - page 1)
Deer on the Ice; The Bandwidth of Beauty (Poetry - page 4)
A Map of Years (Fiction - page 6)
Hundred Acre Wood (Poetry - page 15)
Going Home (Poetry - page 16)
So, the Cold War Is Over (Fiction - page 21)
A Year before the Election; Glimpses (Poetry - page 42)
Wild Pansy (Poetry - page 45)
Seventeen (Poetry - page 46)
Companions (Poetry - page 48)
Carbon Tet (Fiction - page 49)
Ellis Island; Landing; Letter from This Ordinary Time (Poetry - page 59)
Jim at 2 AM: Something like Opera (Nonfiction - page 64)
Foul Ball (Poetry - page 72)
Salt Furnace (Southern Reliquaries); Aubade with Horses (Fort Worth Impromptu II) (Poetry - page 73)
The Live Ones (Fiction - page 87)
The Romance of Steam; For the Blind (Poetry - page 113)
A Late Apology to My Wife (Poetry - page 115)
Reptile in Roof Space (Poetry - page 118)
Another Darkness (Poetry - page 121)
Host of Hosts (Poetry - page 122)
The Infinite; With a Pure Heart (Poetry - page 124)
Heard from Hest (Fiction - page 130)
Wind (Poetry - page 140)
Pike (Poetry - page 142)
The Second Pig (Poetry - page 143)
Lilacs; Winter Reading (Poetry - page 144)
Finish It, Finish It: Options for Ending a Story (Nonfiction - page 148)