Issue: Winter - 2019

This winter the new issue of The Southern Review brings together voices from around the globe. Japanese novelist Aoko Matsuda pens a missive from the village in Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” while Mariana Enríquez provides the story of a sinister family curse in contemporary Argentina, translated by Man Booker International Prize Finalist Megan McDowell. In nonfiction, Dennis James Sweeney traces the collapse of Malta’s most-beloved landmark in “After the Window,” while Joshua Wheeler bends genre by combining New Mexico history, Ben-Hur, and hummingbird migration into a time-traveling letter to Billy the Kid. Pulitzer Prize winners Sharon Olds and Charles Simic each offer two new poems, while returning contributor Chloe Honum’s poetry investigates the history of forced adoption in her native New Zealand. You’ll also find poems by Orlando Ricardo Menes and Anne Starling alongside new translations of Polish poet Krystyna Dąbrowska from Karen Kovacik. This issue features art from Belgian painter Pierre Bergian, whose work depicts the delicate nature of light within homes, and the announcement of The Southern Review’s inaugural James Olney Award.

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Pierre Bergian

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Meanwhile, Flies; Quarantine (Poetry - page 1)
Read More about Our History; St. Mary’s Home for Unwed Mothers in Otahuhu, Auckland (Poetry - page 14)
Ars Poetica; Rasp, Spoon, and Pestle (Poetry - page 16)
Scene/Recipe (Poetry - page 35)
Language Lessons (Poetry - page 36)
Confession; White Chairs (Poetry - page 38)
Death Camp Video at the Nuremberg Museum (Poetry - page 51)
Misconceptions about Trees (Poetry - page 52)
Song to Gabriel Hirsch; The Task of Naming Me (Poetry - page 53)
Imago: Portrait of a Young Poet (Poetry - page 65)
A Sense of Empty (Poetry - page 66)
Here, now, gone; Weather report (Poetry - page 68)
Chorus (Poetry - page 87)
Late-Night Quiz; The Old Orphan (Poetry - page 88)
Poem (Poetry - page 90)
Les abricots (Poetry - page 110)
Putting Out the Fire (Poetry - page 112)
Letters to Peter (Poetry - page 113)
When We Moved to Nebraska (Poetry - page 121)
Forty (Poetry - page 122)
Just Call Me Beb; The Deuce Makes Itself (Poetry - page 141)
The Ritual; The Blue Ceiling (Poetry - page 164)
Last Day (Poetry - page 168)
The Well (Fiction - page 3)
The Glassblower’s Wife (Fiction - page 18)
The Audio Guide (Fiction - page 44)
Hecuba, Hecuba (Fiction - page 92)
Starry Night (Fiction - page 117)
In Order to Be Good Hosts (Fiction - page 124)
Maria Joana; Maria Gonçalves Cajada (Nonfiction - page 55)
After the Window (Nonfiction - page 71)
The Troubling of Hummingbirds (Nonfiction - page 147)