Issue: Winter - 2020

This year The Southern Review celebrates its eighty-fifth birthday, and our winter 2020 issue begins the party with voices both familiar and new. Joan Silber returns to our pages with the tale of two sisters who return to America after a childhood in Nepal in “The Overland Trail,” while novelist Kevin Wilson recalls a young man’s unlikely friendship with his oddball science teacher in his new story, “Biology.” Viplav Saini pens two poems that speak to some of the indignities of living in the United States, and Joshua Freeman translates five poems from Uyghur by Tahir Hamut and the late Ghojimuhemmed Muhemmed. Along with new poems by Beth Bachmann, Jennifer Loyd and Nancy Chen Long, this issue features the sculptures of Mark Chatterley, whose meditative and whimsical work can be found in galleries across the globe.

Mark Chatterley

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Narrative Is the Native Tongue of the Brain (Poetry - page 1)
My Grandmother’s Mother; Climate Crisis, 2019 (Poetry - page 2)
Self-Portrait as the Poop Emoji; On What You Said Before You Read My Name Aloud (Poetry - page 18)
Unity Road; Lost in Paris; Faraway Risalet; I Cry; I Will Begin from Your Name (Poetry - page 24)
Rachel Carson at the Deathbed of Mary Scott Skinker; Rachel Carson’s Father Buys a Homestead (Poetry - page 46)
The Good (Poetry - page 49)
Letters to the Dead (Poetry - page 60)
Gliding (Poetry - page 65)
Meditation on Mimesis (Poetry - page 87)
Humility (Poetry - page 90)
At the Log Decomposition Site in the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, a Visitation; It Wasn’t the Laundry (Poetry - page 92)
Vacation, St. Petersburg, Florida (Poetry - page 111)
Tennessee Williams’s Garden, 1979, Key West (Poetry - page 112)
The Marvelous Nativity of Jeremiah Dixon, with Culminant Song, as Imagined (Poetry - page 114)
At Gibbs Gardens (Poetry - page 116)
Oblong Turtle; Jam Tree Gully Villanelle (Poetry - page 132)
Vultures (Poetry - page 135)
For the sad Wallendas; Yes; My soul as an unsolved homicide (Poetry - page 157)
They Ran and Flew from You (Poetry - page 160)
from “Golden” (Poetry - page 162)
Rustling Mind; Blessing for the New Year (Poetry - page 167)
Biology (Fiction - page 6)
The Suicide Note (Fiction - page 34)
The Night Market (Fiction - page 51)
The Club (Fiction - page 66)
Mastiff (Fiction - page 96)
Housekeeping (Fiction - page 117)
The Overland Trail (Fiction - page 136)
Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Gloves; Paper Horses (Nonfiction - page 21)