Issue: Winter - 2021

It’s time to ring in the new year with the winter issue of The Southern Review! You can join us for an unusual Icelandic confirmation day in new fiction by Fríða Ísberg, or uncover a mystery in the snowy Appalachian wilderness forest with Virginia Lee Wood. Yxta Maya Murray delves into the lives of office workers exposed to nuclear experiments in the Simi Valley, while Joshua Bennett appears in our pages for the first time with four poems that examine family, fatherhood, and life outside the city as a Black man in America. Alongside new poems by Charles Simic, Maggie Smith, and Janice N. Harrington, this issue features the photography of Tina Freeman, whose work juxtaposes the subtle beauty of northern and southern landscapes to illustrate the impact of climate change near and far. We also proudly announce the winners of our annual James Olney and Oran Robert Perry Burke Awards.

Tina Freeman

In this Issue:

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A Cloud and a Ghost Walk into a Bar; The Old Country; What My Poems Are About (Poetry - page 1)
Greyhound (Poetry - page 21)
Abolition; Systema Naturae; Sonnet; Dad Poem (Poetry - page 22)
Nineteen Sixty-Three: Year of the Rabbit; Observations of an Only Child (Poetry - page 38)
Mother, 1975 (Poetry - page 40)
A Vision of Orpheus Descending; Eidólon (Poetry - page 41)
To My Sister, on the Matter of Trees (Poetry - page 44)
Portrait of an Ex-Lover as a Hillbilly Satyr; Remember the Meningitis Couch? (Poetry - page 62)
Inventory; Final Lesson on Love from My Mother and Father (Poetry - page 78)
Poem with Ice and Breakup; Three Versions (Poetry - page 81)
Almost Blue (Poetry - page 84)
Poem after Watching An Inconvenient Truth with My Students (Poetry - page 95)
Born Homesick (Poetry - page 96)
Circus; An Old Woman; Looking for Trouble (Poetry - page 113)
X & Death; X in the Tickseed; X at Seventy, a Walk in the Woods (Poetry - page 116)
The Word You’re Looking For; Nocturne; Layered Pigments (Poetry - page 124)
Bella (Poetry - page 129)
Long-Distance Call (Poetry - page 142)
Saint Francis of the Bird Feeder (Poetry - page 143)
I Watch a Documentary on Owl Theory and Become Convinced That Everyone I Love Will Be Killed by a Bird (Poetry - page 144)
notre-dame de paris (Poetry - page 146)
Prove; Foal; After the Divorce, I Think of Something My Daughter Said about Mars; Talisman (Poetry - page 161)
The Simplest, Most Important Things (Fiction - page 4)
Earthenware (Fiction - page 28)
Harriet Point (Fiction - page 45)
April 1, 2006 (Fiction - page 66)
I’m Right Here. I’m Not Going Anywhere (Fiction - page 98)
It Whitened and Stretched into Vastnesses (Fiction - page 130)
Shelter in Place (Fiction - page 148)
In the Kingdom of Mice and Ants (Nonfiction - page 122)
Crossword: Celebrity Cryptids; Hink Pinks (Puzzles - page 74)