Issue: Winter - 2022

This winter, join The Southern Review for stories near and far. Travel with a tennis-obsessed father and his newly minted tennis pro daughter on their first trip to the US Open in Lucas Southworth’s story, “Quantum Physics,” or come along with Ruthvika Rao as she explores a rural village deep in the Indian countryside in “The Mangrove.” Find out what happens when a coach punishes his players by forcing them to text their fathers “I love you” whenever they make an error in Alex Pickett’s “Texting,” or join a team of paranormal investigator YouTubers as they brave California’s most haunted locales in Colleen Morrissey’s “Readings.” Jane Craven evokes the New York School in her exploration of living in New York City during the early 1980s in her poem, “Radiant City,” and Christopher Gaumer writes of hard life on the prairie in “There Goes the Neighborhood—Kansas, 1876.” Along with new poems by Yoo Heekyung, David St. John, and Julia B. Levine, this issue also features the mixed-media work of Moira Crone, who layers images on her canvases in hopes of seeing what shines through. We also proudly announce the winners of our annual James Olney and Oran Robert Perry Burke Awards.

Moira Crone

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Quicker (Poetry - page 1)
Lost Essay (Poetry - page 2)
Hope, and Then Some (Poetry - page 25)
Neighbor (Poetry - page 26)
Invoice; A Woman Asleep (Poetry - page 43)
Deluge: A Triple Sonnet (Poetry - page 45)
There Goes the Neighborhood—Kansas, 1876 (Poetry - page 62)
Ars Poetica with Eating Utensil (Poetry - page 77)
The Carnal Life; The Chair (Poetry - page 78)
Snow; Gout; The Gift (Poetry - page 80)
Coffin Photos (Poetry - page 95)
Happy People (Poetry - page 97)
Radiant City (Poetry - page 98)
Vision in the Plate Glass of Mike’s Gym (Poetry - page 104)
Visiting Alaska (Poetry - page 129)
The Long Dead (Poetry - page 130)
For Our Seventieth Birthdays; Here (Poetry - page 132)
To Earth (Poetry - page 148)
Some Problems with Autobiography (Poetry - page 150)
Milk; Now That We Know Your Disease, Its Name, How It Will Dismantle You (Poetry - page 156)
The Sketchbook (II); Late Farewells (Poetry - page 160)
Quantum Physics (Fiction - page 9)
Readings (Fiction - page 28)
Good Luck, Champ (Fiction - page 47)
Texting (Fiction - page 68)
SCS 750 (Fiction - page 106)
The Mangrove (Fiction - page 134)
Before the Law (Nonfiction - page 100)
An Island That Drifts Far Away from the Mainland (Nonfiction - page 120)
Belonging (Nonfiction - page 152)
Crossword: Gridiron Supplement; Acrostic (Puzzles - page 64)