Issue: Winter - 2023

Spend a cozy winter afternoon with the newest issue of The Southern Review! Find out what happens when a woman on the run befriends a fugitive monkey in Karin Lin-Greenberg’s “Escapees,” or help Michael Downs investigate the origin of a mysterious letter that was sent to him thirty years ago in his essay, “Answer When You Can.” You can plot vengeance while caretaking the Spanish villa of Russian exiles in Pilar Adón’s harrowing story “Sweet Desdemona,” or let things take a lighter turn and watch a hapless man fail to impress a librarian in a new poem by the late Charles Simic. Enjoy new work from Winniebell Xinyu Zong, who writes about a mother as a young woman enjoying time alone before marriage and children changed her life, or consider the dilemma of a young woman who runs too many marathons in María José Navia’s “Emergency Contact.” Along with new poems by Bonnie Jo Campbell, Aza Pace, and Jim Whiteside, the issue features the artwork of Kate Samworth, who uses images made with scratchboard to tell stories about changes in the natural world. We also proudly announce the winners of our annual James Olney and Oran Robert Perry Burke Awards.

Kate Samworth

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The Librarian; In the Park (Poetry - page 1)
Bloodstock; Drink Me (Poetry - page 21)
Estate Sale (Poetry - page 23)
Clementine & Snow (Poetry - page 32)
Graphology Restoration Twenty-Seven; Ghazal Not Gazelle (Poetry - page 34)
Tense Song (Poetry - page 56)
Arkansas Nuclear One; Eighth Grade; Commerce; Wheatfield—A Confrontation (Poetry - page 57)
There We Were; Nor’easter; The Hike (Poetry - page 64)
Ma, Let Me Tell You Your Story; What I Wish My Dog Understood (Poetry - page 74)
February Reverie; The Blue Bridge (Poetry - page 87)
The Craftsman (Poetry - page 91)
Rutland Taco Bell Fire Escape Escape (Poetry - page 107)
Good Neighbors (Poetry - page 114)
Clearing (Poetry - page 115)
When You Tell Me I Am Beautiful I Want to Believe It (Poetry - page 116)
XII. Great Wall (Poetry - page 128)
Vigil (Poetry - page 129)
Re: At Least It’s Not Aggressive (Poetry - page 139)
Sovereign; Bolero (Poetry - page 140)
Portrait of Nymphs Bathing; Twelve Women in a Circle with Candles (Poetry - page 142)
Dreamscapes from the Atlas of Coming and Going: I; Dreamscapes from the Atlas of Coming and Going: XI (Poetry - page 161)
Dear Reader; Isle of the Blessed; Progress Report (Poetry - page 163)
To Stand Astonished (Poetry - page 168)
Escapees (Fiction - page 3)
Sweet Desdemona (Fiction - page 24)
Fake Jordans (Fiction - page 36)
The Mangroves (Fiction - page 68)
Giraffe (Fiction - page 117)
Emergency Contact (Fiction - page 131)
Home Is a Preposition (Nonfiction - page 92)
Answer When You Can (Nonfiction - page 144)
Crossword: Antigravity; Acrostic (Puzzles - page 110)