Issue: Winter - 2024

Get ready to explore the world with the newest issue of The Southern Review! Find out what happens when a young man attempts to protect an endangered cat from poachers at a nature preserve outside of Almaty in Nuraina Satpayeva’s “Qará,” or explore the simmering tension of the Tiananmen Square protests in Nathan Xie’s “May 35, 1989.” You can consider the pitfalls of a new boyfriend’s first visit home in Victor We Kei Yang’s “Chicken,” long for a better and safer apartment in Lincoln Michel’s “The Good Building,” or escape outside and ponder ice in Shane Seely’s “Poem.” Ryan Teitman and Michael Mark, whose speakers both walk alone in the frigid weather, contribute new poems contemplating great losses, while Emily Tuszynska shifts the scene inside to extol the pleasures of a warm blanket during winter in “Nine Nights beneath the Red Blanket.” Along with new poems by Terence Winch, Kevin Prufer, and Dana Isokawa, the issue features the artwork of Xuan-Hui Ng, who with photographs of Japan’s northern wilds hopes to provide a brief reprieve from life’s harsh realities by reminding us of the beauty in all things delicate and fierce. We also proudly announce the winners of our annual James Olney and Oran Robert Perry Burke Awards.  

Xuan-Hui Ng

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Showing You the Moon; Poem (Poetry - page 1)
In the Horse Stall (Poetry - page 3)
Wild Bees (Poetry - page 4)
Practicing the Saving (Poetry - page 17)
Keeping a Secret (Poetry - page 18)
Music Lessons; The Dog Walkers (Poetry - page 20)
Monet’s Cat (Poetry - page 23)
Nine Nights beneath the Red Blanket (Poetry - page 42)
Late October in a Bird Sanctuary; The Used Harpsichord (Poetry - page 43)
A History of the World (Poetry - page 46)
Reality Testing; Church Bunker (Poetry - page 54)
She Leaps off the Bridge Three Years after Her Fiancé (Poetry - page 56)
Memory (Poetry - page 58)
Absinthe Irony & Alchemy (Poetry - page 67)
Smoldering Embers (Poetry - page 68)
Promenade (Poetry - page 69)
Winter Solstice (Poetry - page 79)
It Is Said (Poetry - page 80)
Reverse Pregnancy (Poetry - page 95)
Did You Intend to Seek Permanent Citizenship? As an Alien, Were You Nervous about Passing the Naturalization Test? (Poetry - page 112)
Asymmetry; Fortune-Telling at the Dim Sum Parlor; Minor Character (Poetry - page 125)
Ruin; Live Discharge (Poetry - page 130)
Bad Latch (Poetry - page 134)
A Snail on the Way to Jerusalem; Holiday (Poetry - page 150)
Sweetness (Poetry - page 152)
Each Morning the Piano Drifts Farther out of Tune; February; The Problem with Spring (Poetry - page 156)
Qará (Fiction - page 6)
The Good Building (Fiction - page 28)
Rosario (Fiction - page 48)
Oblivion (Fiction - page 61)
The Chicken Shop (Fiction - page 82)
May 35, 1989 (Fiction - page 100)
Vital Records (Fiction - page 113)
The Second Prince (Fiction - page 136)
Chicken (Fiction - page 139)
The Kopek Eye (Fiction - page 154)
Crossword: Winter Unthemed; Acrostic (Puzzles - page 96)