Latest Issue: Spring - 2024

Enjoy a blustery spring day with the newest issue of The Southern Review. You can join Nick Fuller Googins for a raucous surfing trip filled with satirical life advice from Mario Lopez, or investigate a disappearance and the depths of a self-help YouTuber’s comments section with a new story by Alix Ohlin. Gloria L. Huang imagines a mother contemplating an experimental medical procedure, while Arna Bontemps Hemenway imagines a similarly experimental aid for grief. Meanwhile, L. I. Henley describes the encroachment of the wild upon the domestic, and the domestic upon the wild, in the Mojave desert, in a new essay, “Dispatches from the Ridge,” and Chera Hammons explores the arbitrary nature of the world, a place in which sometimes we are born only to be almost devoured and then saved (temporarily) in a new poem, “When the Cottontail Doesn’t Return.” Along with poems by Natsume Sōseki, Okwudili Nebeolisa, Louisiana Poet Laureate Alison Pelegrin, and David Wojahn, this issue features the work of Andorran artist Jesús Castillo Díaz, whose black-and-white drawings center the architecture and landscape of his home country. 

Jesús Castillo Díaz

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When the Cottontail Doesn’t Return (Poetry - page 159)
Hear Me, Uncle; Molten (Poetry - page 160)
My Hair Remembers Everything (Poetry - page 173)
Alzheimer’s Translation: Caesura (Poetry - page 174)
Blank Verse (Poetry - page 176)
Poem Beginning and Ending with a Fur-Bearing Trout (Poetry - page 193)
Blue Collar; Doctoring His Death (Poetry - page 196)
Bam, Apocalypse (Poetry - page 207)
Abecedarian for the Power Outage (Poetry - page 223)
After Watching the Documentary about the Young Solo Climber Marc-André Leclerc, My Friend Asks, “Are We All Born to Do Exactly What We Do?” (Poetry - page 224)
The Sketchbook (IV) (Poetry - page 237)
[Defying the winds of spring I depart from my hometown an utter failure.]; [Thirteen hectares of mulberries on the farm—how many days until the harvest?] (Poetry - page 256)
Ryan Choi
Zero Bothers Given; And in This Way the World Passed Me By (Poetry - page 260)
Birthday; Memo; All the Wrong Things (Poetry - page 274)
On Bewitched, They Recast Gladys Kravitz (Poetry - page 278)
The Many Ways to Say Good-Bye (Poetry - page 290)
The Wind Whipped Tears into My Eyes (Poetry - page 291)
Duet (Poetry - page 292)
Beth (Poetry - page 316)
Chicago (Poetry - page 318)
Bottle Trees (Poetry - page 323)
To a Minor Poet in the Greek Anthology; The Library of Alexandria (Poetry - page 324)
Rogue Wave (Fiction - page 164)
Stage Makeup (Fiction - page 179)
Rooted Out (Fiction - page 199)
The Water Globes; Rose of the Snows (Fiction - page 212)
The Wave (Fiction - page 242)
Your Baby Is the Size Of . . . (Fiction - page 263)
Disintegration (Fiction - page 279)
Recovery (Fiction - page 294)
My Father Reading Penthouse for the Articles, June 1983; Van Ness and Twenty-Fourth (Fiction - page 320)
Dispatches from the Ridge (Nonfiction - page 216)
Crossword: Spring Unthemed; Acrostic (Puzzles - page 208)
Honeycomb (Poetry - page 226)